Agisoft Metashape Benchmarking Report on Nebula Cloud

Agisoft Metashape Benchmarking Report on Nebula Cloud
15 May, 2022

Agisoft Metashape Benchmarking Report on Nebula Cloud

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  • The performance benchmarking report of Agisoft Metashape on Nebula Cloud provides comprehensive comparative analysis of different GPU hardware configurations available on Nebula Cloud along with the performance and processing timelines of various geoprocessing activities on the aerial imagery captured from eBee Plus drone in VRS RTK mode carrying a sense Fly S.O.D.A. camera. Data processing was performed using industry’s best GPU computing resources. The dataset used to benchmark aerial data processing consists of 235 images, 40 MPix resolution each. No GCPs data was used for processing. 

Aerial Drone Imagery - Technical data:

·    Ground resolution: 2.64 cm (1.03 in)/px
·    Coverage: 0.46 sq. km (0.17 sq. mi)
·    Flight height: 106 m (347.7 ft)
·    Number of images: 235

Largest technology park in Switzerland

GPU Cloud Infrastructure used on Nebula Cloud:

Amazon EC2 G4 instances are the industry’s most cost-effective and versatile GPU instances for deploying machine learning models such as image classification, object detection, and speech recognition, and for graphics-intensive applications such as remote graphics workstations, game streaming, and graphics rendering. G4 instances are available with a choice of NVIDIA GPUs (G4dn) or AMD GPUs (G4ad).

G4dn instances feature NVIDIA T4 GPUs and custom Intel Cascade Lake CPUs, and are optimized for machine learning inference and small-scale training. These instances also bring high performance to graphics-intensive applications including remote workstations, game streaming, and graphics rendering. These instances are also ideal for customers who prefer to use NVIDIA software such as RTX Virtual Workstation and libraries such as CUDA, CuDNN, and NVENC. Compared to comparable instances they offer up to 45% better price performance for graphics-intensive applications.

Performance Benchmark Report - Summary

Download the complete performance benchmark report: Click Here

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