The Simplest Cloud Desktop for Businesses

The Simplest Cloud Desktop for Businesses
15 September, 2021

The Simplest Cloud Desktop for Businesses

  • Get Everything You Need to Provide Simple, Secure and Remote Access

  • Easily meet the changing needs of your flexible workforce with a turnkey DaaS solution optimized for a superior experience—and empower employees with a secure way to work from any location, on any device. Our enterprise-proven technology features multi-cloud support, flexible pricing, zero trust security and exceptional performance end users love!

  • The ease with which virtual desktops and apps are deployed in the public cloud stands in stark contrast to complex, expensive legacy VDI solutions from Citrix and VMware that take months to deploy and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in CapEx and ongoing OpEx. For customers to realize the promised benefits of VDI, a simpler user-friendly DaaS solution is needed.

  • Nebula DaaS is one such way to experience virtual desktop infrastructure and High Performance Computing (HPC) via its single window multi-cloud enabled DaaS platform. We have designed our solution to be simple. But make no mistake - it is enterprise-ready. For your desktop, networking, and security teams, the virtual desktops running in AWS, Azure will behave exactly like a virtual desktop running in your own data center. 

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