What Are Your Top Cloud PC Use Cases?

What Are Your Top Cloud PC Use Cases?
08 March, 2022

What Are Your Top Cloud PC Use Cases?

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Here Are 4 You May Have Considered

Unique use case requirements

Every use case has unique requirements. It’s our agile development and our unwavering commitment to our customers that enables us to swiftly respond to changing requirements. It’s a dynamic world (to say the least!) and we believe the only way to keep up is with a highly flexible end user computing solution that increases your agility – that’s how you stay nimble and able to adapt to whatever challenges and opportunities come your way. The four use cases highlighted below are just a sampling of where our expertise lies. Many of our customers are addressing one or more of these use cases with their Cloud PCs and workstations.

Have you thought about these Cloud PC use cases?

Cloud Workstations for 3D CAD Designers / Engineers

One of our architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) customers came to us with a major challenge that is typical of AEC firms. They were a highly distributed organization, essentially because they are forced to open an office in every location where they were doing business – for a variety of reasons. The costs associated with opening a branch office, including replicating IT infrastructure in every office, e.g. purchasing servers, storage, etc… would add up to around $200K per office – even if only one or two people worked there. And this was only part of the problem. Replicating many terabytes of data across the branch offices had become unsustainable. It caused sync problems, leading to work being overwritten, revision control issues and occasionally, costly project rework.

This company had significant experience trying virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), but no matter which vendor’s solution they tried, the performance simply was not acceptable. We hear this over and over from companies that use graphics-intensive CAD applications, whether they are manufacturers, design/build firms or medical technology developers. For this use case, high-performance and real-time collaboration are the top requirements. Here’s the value cloud workstations can deliver for this use case:

1. Consolidate data and compute in the cloud for highly efficient collaboration

2. Support anywhere-productivity. Hire the best people – no matter where they live

3. Deliver exceptional performance your 3D designers and engineers love!

4. Streamline IT infrastructure and reduce branch office burden

Learn more about how transitioning away from physical workstations to Nebula Cloud Workstations for 3D CAD designers and engineers is bringing new levels of productivity and agility to organizations across manufacturing, AEC, Life Sciences, and more.

Cloud PCs for Call Centers

According to the Gartner report, Overcome the Top 3 Challenges to Setting Up Contact Center Agents for Remote Working, “By 2024, 30% of organizations will have moved their contact centers’ operations off-premises, with a 60% jump in remote-working full-time agents.”  That’s a big deal. Globally that’s a very large number of people who will transition to permanent remote work. It makes complete sense economically, from a customer experience standpoint, and for employee wellness – a call center-success trifecta! But with this transition taking place, what’s the best way to quickly onboard call center agents, provide them with secure, low cost access to the apps they need, and strengthen business continuity measures to avoid costly downtime? The answer of course, is moving desktop workloads to the cloud.

One of our call center customers migrated away from a legacy VDI implementation because of performance, cost and reliability issues. It turns out that this was a prescient decision which has allowed them the agility to instantly send people home to work during the pandemic, but which has also enabled them to easily take their business into the future that Gartner predicts. Some of the reasons that Nebula Cloud PCs are uniquely well-suited for call centers include:

1. Easily support remote call center agents and spin up/down Cloud PCs in a few minutes, anywhere in the world

2. Improve security and reduce infrastructure costs (both IT and real estate)

3. Flexible pricing models, including hourly pricing to accommodate unpredictable or seasonal usage

If you’re running a call center, let’s have a conversation about how you can achieve the same benefits our current customers are enjoying.

Cloud PCs and Workstations for Software Developers

Pretty much every large organization makes use of external resources in the form of contractors and temporary workers. In particular though, working with contract software developers poses a unique dilemma: Making use of external developers when specialized skill sets are required is essential, yet the access to intellectual property (IP) that is needed by contract developers to perform their work introduces significant risk to the organization. Onboarding developers is tricky too. You’ve just hired the best developer in the world and it’s costing you a pretty penny. Sourcing, provisioning and shipping an expensive workstation to that new developer could take weeks, during which time they are not particularly productive. Then, will they need another workstation to conduct testing? Multiply that challenge by hundreds or thousands of developers and you’ve got a major issue. Here’s what you can do:

  • 1. Co-locate Cloud PCs/workstations and data in any cloud region, close to each developer, for amazing performance
  • 2. Tightly (and easily) control what data goes in and out of your environment
  • 3. Onboard/offboard developers in a few minutes while securing IP
  • 4. Mix and match Cloud PC pricing based on their usage profiles

We’re addressing the software developer use case for some of the largest companies in the world. Let’s discuss how we can help you, too.

Cloud PCs for Contractors and Temporary Workers

Beyond contract software developers who have specialized needs, contractors are also hired into many roles across HR, Finance, Marketing, Customer Support, and other departments. They have a wide variety of compute requirements, so a virtual desktop solution that offers a variety of Cloud PC and workstation configurations is essential. Plus, each of these departmental roles has fairly distinct usage behaviors, so you need flexible pricing options to optimize your costs.

  • 1. Security is key too. So secure access is critical.
    2. Provide reliable and secure access to the right corporate resources.
    3. Integrate existing ITSM systems to spin up Cloud PCs in minutes
    4. Safely support BYOD

Why Nebula Cloud PCs?

Nebula Cloud’s impressive net retention rate (our customers love us as much as we love them!) as well as how frequently existing customers expand into new Cloud PC use cases is the validation you need. Being able to deliver this kind of value to our customers sure feels good!

If you’re already a Nebula Cloud customer, you likely started your SaaS Cloud PC journey with one use case. This is a great way to prove value and ROI. From there, we find that most of our customers begin contemplating additional Cloud PC use cases. This is an important part of an ongoing collaboration with our Customer Success Team. Every Nebula Cloud customer has a dedicated champion at Nebula Cloud who lives and breathes the implementation and its business goals.  This is an important component of our overall service, and the depth of our customer engagement is one of the unique benefits of partnering with us. When our customers discover new business requirements, they have a direct way to advocate for new features in the platform to address those requirements. 

Ready to learn more? It’s easy to schedule a demo. Let us show you SaaS Cloud PCs can simplify IT and transform the business into an agile machine that’s ready for anything.

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