Nebula Cloud Completes Cloud Validation, Joins NVIDIA Cloud Validated Ecosystem

Nebula Cloud Completes Cloud Validation, Joins NVIDIA Cloud Validated Ecosystem
12 July, 2023

Nebula Cloud Completes Cloud Validation, Joins NVIDIA Cloud Validated Ecosystem

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Nebula Cloud Completes Cloud Validation, Joins NVIDIA Cloud Validated Ecosystem

Houston, September 12th, 2023 – Nebula Cloud, a NVIDIA Inception member, and a leading provider of high-performance cloud computing solutions, is thrilled to announce its successful completion of cloud validation, making it an integral part of the prestigious NVIDIA Cloud Validated Ecosystem. This partnership further strengthens Nebula Cloud's commitment to delivering exceptional cloud-based services tailored to the needs of researchers and practitioners in the fields of computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.

As a result of this achievement, Nebula Cloud is proud to be included in the NVIDIA Accelerated Applications Catalog, showcasing its dedication to excellence in cloud computing. Nebula Cloud's applications now carry a unique "cloud validated" label, distinguishing them as trusted and high-performance solutions that meet the stringent standards set by NVIDIA.

Additionally, Nebula Cloud has been granted authorization to proudly display an NVIDIA-branded badge, subject to NVIDIA brand compliance. This badge serves as a symbol of distinction, clearly indicating that Nebula Cloud's applications are "cloud validated" with NVIDIA, further solidifying their commitment to providing exceptional cloud services.

In conjunction with this announcement, Nebula Cloud is excited to introduce the launch of Nebula Cloud Workbench for Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF). This cutting-edge platform offers a collaborative and scalable environment for researchers and practitioners to harness the power of cloud computing, enabling them to push the boundaries of 3D scene reconstruction, rendering, and immersive visual experiences. By leveraging Nebula Cloud's advanced infrastructure, users can now unlock new possibilities and accelerate their projects with ease.

Furthermore, Nebula Cloud Workbench now features Deep Learning and AI capabilities, powered by the state-of-the-art NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs. This integration empowers customers worldwide to embark on complex AI initiatives, enabling them to achieve groundbreaking results in their respective domains. Nebula Cloud's collaboration with NVIDIA ensures that customers can access the unparalleled processing power required for training and deploying sophisticated AI models with exceptional performance and efficiency.

Nebula Cloud's enhanced cloud services, including Nebula Cloud Workbench for Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) and Deep Learning and AI with NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs, are now available to customers in various regions. The service is accessible in India, Australia, Singapore, Europe (Sweden, Germany), and the United States, allowing researchers and practitioners worldwide to leverage the power of cloud computing for their projects.

"We are delighted to have completed cloud validation and join the esteemed NVIDIA Cloud Validated Ecosystem," said Venkata B Ganugula, CEO at Nebula Cloud. "This achievement reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with best-in-class cloud solutions that enable them to unlock their full potential. Our partnership with NVIDIA allows us to offer cutting-edge capabilities and unparalleled performance, empowering researchers and practitioners to revolutionize their work."

Nebula Cloud is excited about the future and looks forward to continuing to innovate and provide exceptional cloud services to its customers worldwide. For more information about Nebula Cloud and its offerings, please visit

About Nebula Cloud: Nebula Cloud is a leading provider of cloud computing solutions, offering scalable and secure infrastructure for researchers, practitioners, and businesses across various industries. With a focus on empowering innovation and driving breakthroughs, Nebula Cloud provides advanced cloud services, including its flagship platform, Nebula Cloud Workbench, which enables researchers and practitioners to leverage the power of cloud computing for complex projects.

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