Advanced Engineering In The Cloud With Cloud Based HPC Labs

Advanced Engineering In The Cloud With Cloud Based HPC Labs
20 September, 2023

Advanced Engineering In The Cloud With Cloud Based HPC Labs

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In the realm of digital technology-enabled engineering, a plethora of advanced tools have emerged, revolutionizing the industry. These encompass modeling, simulation, 3D visualization, AR/VR walkthroughs, terrain mapping, geo visualizations, animation, digital twins, and various computational processes. Yet, the computational demands of these applications are substantial. High floating-point accuracy, robust GPU power, and swift memory are prerequisites for seamless rendering. Without teraflops of compute power, performance may be compromised, resulting in jerky, pixelated outputs.

Challenges in Equipping Engineers Equipping engineers with cutting-edge computational hardware and software is often a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Procurement processes are sluggish, and high licensing expenses necessitate careful allocation of software resources. As a result, the pace of innovation can be impeded.

Cloud-Based HPC Labs: A Solution Enterprises can overcome these hurdles through cloud-based High-Performance Computing (HPC) platforms. These platforms offer the tools to establish virtual HPC labs, complete with multiple CPUs/GPUs, scalable clusters, and storage on a pay-as-you-go basis. Nebula Cloud, a startup at the forefront, provides self-service and configurable hosting options to construct cloud-based HPC labs tailored for engineering endeavors.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Labs Such labs yield several advantages over on-premises solutions. They offer the latest hardware and software versions, along with automation capabilities for rapid provisioning and de-provisioning. Moreover, they deliver significant cost savings, as Nebula Cloud's bulk purchasing power translates into lower compute costs for customers. Additionally, innovative licensing models and metering options ensure clients only pay for the resources they actively use.

A Real-World Application For instance, a prominent engineering consulting firm maximizes productivity and cost-efficiency by leveraging Nebula Cloud. By strategically managing costly software licenses across global teams, they optimize work in a shared workspace, benefiting from time zone advantages.

Explore the Future of Engineering with Cloud HPC

For organizations seeking high-performance computing capabilities, cloud-based HPC labs offer an agile, cost-effective solution. Contact us at or to learn more and experience the potential of cloud-based HPC for heavy computing needs.

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