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What is Nebula Cloud's Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Nebula Cloud's Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has completely re-imagined how virtual desktops are deployed and managed in the cloud. With Nebula Cloud DaaS’s turnkey, virtual desktop service, organizations of all sizes can deploy any Linux, Windows Server, Windows 10 virtual desktops on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in as little as 10 minutes - not weeks or months - while drastically reducing CapEx and OpEx and enjoying superior performance and flexibility. It’s the simplest and fastest path to adopting VDI.

Nebula Cloud DaaS Desktop Cloud is tightly integrated with AWS, Microsoft Azure and other Cloud Providers (Linode, UpCloud). Using a single pane of glass, IT can deploy, manage, and monitor virtual desktops, applications, and workstations in any of the tens of AWS, Azure regions worldwide.

As per the Gartner’s Market Trends report, “DaaS (Desktop as a Service) provides a virtualized workspace, delivered on demand from the cloud via a utility or operating expenditure (OpEx) model”, and that “by 2019, 50% of new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) users will be deployed on DaaS platforms.” We are realizing this prediction is becoming real as organizations of all sizes recognize the value of transitioning to a more flexible, scalable desktop and app delivery solution that features a predictable OpEx model..

The Better Way to Do VDI: Nebula Cloud DaaS Platform

The ease with which virtual desktops and apps are deployed in the public cloud stands in stark contrast to complex, expensive legacy VDI solutions from Citrix and VMware that take months to deploy and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in CapEx and ongoing OpEx. For customers to realize the promised benefits of VDI, a simpler user-friendly DaaS solution is needed.

Nebula Cloud DaaS is one such way to experience virtual desktop infrastructure and High Performance Computing (HPC) via its single window multi-cloud enabled DaaS platform. We have designed our solution to be simple. But make no mistake - it is enterprise-ready. For your desktop, networking, and security teams, the virtual desktops running in AWS, Azure will behave exactly like a virtual desktop running in your own data center.

Pay-As-You-Go & Subscription Based Pricing

One unique aspect of our business model is our pricing philosophy, which arose from our continued desire to eliminate complexity for our customers. Nebula DaaS provides flat rate, predictable subscription pricing - very similar to how you budget for physical desktops and servers today.

With Nebula Cloud DaaS you get a single bill that includes:

The cost of AWS, Azure to run your virtual desktops and applications, freeing you from worrying about variable AWS, Azure costs or wasting time analyzing complex cloud provider billing statements only to find an unpleasant OpEx surprise.

Free deployment services to take your first set of users live

Customer support to help you through the pilot to production and beyond

Maintenance to keep the service finely tuned

Automatic upgrades to the latest features

Nebula DaaS delivers a simple, turnkey virtual desktop and app service.

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