Nebula Cloud Workbench for BIM Engineers

Nebula Cloud Workbench for BIM Engineers
05 December, 2022

Nebula Cloud Workbench for BIM Engineers

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Nebula Cloud Workbench for BIM Engineers comes with pre-installed collection of many popular OEM, ISV software and tools like Revit Suite, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Navisworks Manage, InfraWorks and many more, so you can accelerate the model development and project delivery to the customers.

Nebula Cloud provides choice of hardware acceleration based on demanding project needs, all in
one place. You can also bring your existing software licenses (BYOL) and use them in the cloud.

Powerful combination of BIM and the Cloud
Buildings are now generating vast amounts of data. Project file continues to increase in size as more and more details being added, including high-resolution images with 3D renderings and animations. A cloud-based repository is becoming a necessity.

Since the owners, architects, and contractors get more involved in the entire lifecycle of the project, it is important for the parties to be able to quickly share information. A cloud-based repository will encourage more frequent information exchanges among the stakeholders, which adds more depth and value to the data. 

The most seek-after strength of the Cloud could be the flexibility it provides in terms of location, sizing, pricing and time. Either at offsite meetings with clients or at home, project files can be accessed and updated anywhere away from the office. 

There are several exciting innovations now available in the market for accessing BIM application on the cloud. One of them is the Nebula Cloud platform that offers ample computing power to set up a BIM cloud workspace in a matter of minutes.  

Key Features of Nebula Cloud Workbench for BIM Engineers:


  • 1.         Virtual Windows 10 Professional and Windows Server Workstations comes preconfigured with NVIDIA GPUs (Tesla T4, A10G, V100) and hardware configurations.

2.           Start using preconfigured CAD, CAM, BIM, CFD, PLM solutions in less than 5 minutes on Nebula Cloud.

3.           No hassles of installation, configuration and administration of the software and hardware.

4.           In-built data migration tool to move the data from on-premise IT systems to the cloud workstation and vice-versa.

5.           Scale-up/Scale-down the hardware and storage depending on the changes in the project and volume of the data.

6.           In-built SSD storage (Upto 5TB) for effecient data processing of imagery and videos.

7.           In-built HDD storage (Upto 5TB) for data storage and archival.

8.           Comes with NICE DCV, a high-performance remote display protocol that provides customers with a secure way to deliver remote desktops and application streaming from any cloud or data center to any device, over varying network conditions.

9.           Comes preconfigured software and tools like WinSCP for FTP file transfer, Adobe Reader and many other.

      10.      Bring Your Own License (BYOL) Pay only for the Cloud resources on Nebula Cloud.


Currently made available for Australia, India, Singapore, Europe and USA regions. 

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