What is Nebula Cloud Edulab?

Academic institutions often experience internal queuing and limited or legacy compute resources that are not optimized to handle engineering and scientific simulation workloads. Through Nebula Cloud, researchers, students, and professors have access to the very latest computing technology on-demand. Flexible pricing tiers and the ability to use existing software licenses provides academic institutions with a highly capable and flexible cloud simulation platform. In addition, Nebula Cloud supports any training scenario: small or large sessions, any size event, self-paced or real-time virtual instructor-led training and hybrid learning scenarios.

Deliver engaging, hands-on remote training and customer education with minimal effort

Nebula Cloud Edulab™ comes with preconfigured academic licenses in a multi-cloud environment (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure), which are ready to use for a variety of OEM, ISV software products across various engineering, scientific, technical and non-technical areas. Nebula EduLab™ simplifies software licensing, procurement and provisioning aspects with flexible pricing options and multiple deployment methods for the academic world.

Welcome to Nebula Cloud Labs

Nebula Cloud Labs enables you to easily run a class, set up a training lab, or host a hackathon in the cloud that your students and users can access from anywhere, any time. The service itself handles all the infrastructure management for a managed lab type, from spinning up VMs to handling errors and scaling the infrastructure. After an IT admin creates a lab account in Nebula Cloud, an instructor can quickly set up a lab for the class, specify the number and type of VMs that are needed for exercises in the class, and add users to the class. Once a user registers to the class, the user can access the VM to do exercises for the class. Any organization can optimise and effectively manage their entire IT across departments from a single pane of glass

How Nebula Cloud can help your Educational Institution?

Nebula Cloud is built to discover, monitor, automate, transform, collaborate and manage operations for IT service management, cloud Management, workplace automation, trainings, asset monitoring and many more from a single unified environment.

  • Delivered as a 100% white-labelled and localized platform.
  • SaaS-based ready to use Digital Transformation and Collaboration Platform for organizations.
  • Integrated platform for automated provisioning, billing, marketplace, operations and marketing enablement.
  • Cloudify various departments within the organization and centrally manage IT from a single pane of glass.
  • Setup centralized cloud center of excellence (CCOE) governance function for your organization which acts as a catalyst in your digital transformation journey.
  • Introduce CoEs, up-skill and re-skill workforce and students, conduct trainings and workshops, courses on various emerging technologies for internal and external users.

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