What is Nebula Cloud Trial Room?

Nebula Cloud Trial room is a new concept and the first ever virtual trial room where OEMs, ISVs, Technology and Enterprise Software Vendors can launch new and existing IT software products into the global market via Nebula Cloud Platform. Customers can try fully featured software products for free along with the cloud infrastructure. Technology and Cloud Service Providers in India and around the world are finding the trail room as innovative and promising to attract new and retain existing customers.

A Launching Platform for B2B, B2C enterprises on Cloud

Using ready to use Virtual Desktop Instances (VDI) with preloaded enterprise software, consumers can trial run fully featured Software products across 45+ categories and industries in a High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment.

Users can test the products as per the system requirements defined by the manufactures in production environment setup on Nebula Cloud Platform.

“90% of B2B buyers are reviewing information and reviews before making a buying decision.” – Grad Conn, Sprinklr

Factors influencing purchase decisions of Enterprise Software in the Information Technology (IT) Industry are Customer Proof, Number of Features, Integration with Existing Tools, Customer Support, Price, Stability & Reliability.

Cloud based Virtual Trail Room for Enterprise Software

Nebula Multi-Cloud Software Marketplace Platform provides a single window platform to host, sell and consume IaaS, PaaS and SaaS based solution for advanced scientific, engineering and technological communities across the globe.

The products published here are unique to our plaform and are available to customers to try for free, customers only pay for the compute resources for the time consumed.

Try Your Favorite ISV Software for free on Nebula Cloud!

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