Try Nebula Cloud Workbench for GIS Professionals.

Try Nebula Cloud Workbench for GIS Professionals.
14 December, 2021

Try Nebula Cloud Workbench for GIS Professionals.

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As demand for near real-time analytics grows, providers of geospatial solutions are faced with the decision to invest in their own powerful computing resources, or to leverage cloud computing capabilities owned and managed by other companies.

With practically unlimited scalability, cloud computing addresses the challenges of transferring large volumes of geospatial data and rapidly processing the data with machine learning algorithms to provide actionable information.

At Nebula Cloud, we’ve built a secure cloud-based infrastructure that allows customers to access software, data and cloud from multiple ISV, data and cloud service providers through a single pane of glass and perform analytics with off-the-shelf and custom algorithms.

More than 40 popular Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GIS, LiDAR, UAV/UAS, Drone image processing software products are preconfigured and ready to use for your enterprise Geospatial projects.

BYOL or buy the software of your choice on flexible subscription model only on Nebula Cloud Platform.

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